Greater Mekong Subregion Senior Officials' Meeting


27 October 2020

The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) held a Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) on 27 October 2020 via web-based conferencing. It was attended by GMS Senior officials and ADB officials.

The meeting finalized key items and firmed up arrangements for the 24th GMS Ministerial Conference (MC-24). The MC-24 was convened on 4 November 2020.

This SOM held sessions on:

  • GMS Economic Cooperation Program Strategic Framework 2030 (GMS-2030): final review and clearance by the SOM
  • GMS COVID-19 Response and Recovery Plan 2021-2023: review by the SOM
  • The study, GMS 2030 and Beyond: Integration, Connectivity, and Cities -- Where to and How
  • The GMS RIF 2022 Third Progress Report and Update
  • The proposed establishment of the Task Force on Labor Migration and its terms of reference
  • The draft Senior Officials’ Meeting Chair’s Report to the Ministers and the status of MC-24 deliverables
  • Arrangements for the virtual 24th GMS Ministerial Conference
  • Updates on the 7th GMS Summit

An earlier SOM held on 11 September 2020 i) briefed senior officials on the key elements of the latest GMS Economic Cooperation Program Strategic Framework 2030 (GMS-2030) draft, ii) outlined the proposed medium-term GMS COVID-19 Response Plan, iii) presented updates on the Report of the Pilot Study on the Development of the PRC-Myanmar Sections of the North-South Economic Corridor, iv) discussed the outcome of the Dialogue on Labor Migration in the GMS, v) briefed Senior Officials on the progress of work and next steps in the Regional Investment Framework (RIF) Third Progress Report and Update covering the year 2020, and vi) reviewed the progress of preparations for the 11th GMS Economic Corridors’ Forum, 24th GMS Ministerial Conference (MC-24), and the 7th GMS Summit.

Last Updated: 18 November 2020